Brief Bio

Geoffrey Paul Carpenter has lived in the USA, Brazil, Taiwan, and Indonesia.  A native of Washington State, the author spent his youth on a farm before going on to earn a Ph.D. in English.  In a move to invigorate his own creative life, he turned down a tenure-track position and moved to South America to write.  For research the author studied Frederic Church’s travel diaries, floated the Amazon, trekked through the jungles of Ecuador, and climbed the slopes of Cotopaxi. Like Church’s painting, Carpenter’s writing is, in part, a quest to understand the quality and dimensions of the human experience of beauty.

Throughout my teaching career, I have made a concerted effort to help students develop both as critical thinkers and as innovative problem solvers. First and foremost, I am committed to expanding the opportunities available to young people by giving them the intellectual skills necessary to lead rewarding and successful lives. I incorporate a variety of process-oriented strategies designed to promote critical reading and writing skills. In my classroom, I stress that the writing process actually involves the discovery of meaning rather than merely dressing thought in words. In short, I take a constructivist approach to teaching that is distinctly student-centered and interdisciplinary.

Geoffrey Paul Carpenter

Teaching is a natural expression of being a life-long learner.